Environmental Protection


To prevent abuse of the natural resources, to protect the natural environment, like mountain, clean water, blue sky and the ocean. Eg. Not mining without permission, Deforestation, control of industry waste water and pollution, not over farming, over use of waste land, over exploitation of natural resources, breaking the natural balance. Corporate with the government to protect the environment, be responsibility to every one of us.

        Earth creatures


        Including save the species, plant maintaining, and animal regression, keep biological diversity, with reasonable, transgenic and special protection of endangered species.

Human and Environment

        To love and maintain our environment, to get a suitable working and living area

        It is including food, travel, spending, living etc. all need meet the requirement of science, health, hygienic, green plant.

It is the responsibility to every one of us, we need try to cooperate with the guidance from government from the area where we live, to build up a beautiful tomorrow.

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