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Grow in Everwin


There is a platform, there will be success.

 Living in EWPT: 

We have a colorful life and we love each other as a family. At the beginning of each year, there will be an annual awards party. All the activities are self-edited, self directed and self-played, we sing and dance, recall the memories and look forward the future together. To achieve a perfect balance between work and life, we arrange annual tourism in or beyond province, basketball games, and other cultural and sports activities, so everyone can relax and enjoy themselves during the spare time.

 Learning in EWPT:

 We pay great attention and focus on EWPT’s internal long-term talents training and development, provide multiple special trainings for a various types of job positions, more opportunities are created for talents grow-up.

Developing in EWPT:

At the end of each year, a large amount of management staff and technicians will be promoted, "staff first priority" management strategy can provide you unexpected development chances.


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