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Talent and Training


EWPT pays great attention and devoted in people-oriented corporate culture, creates people-oriented soft environment and competence, focuses on both talent recommendation and long-term internal training.

1.Training methods

EWPT has the most effective training methods, called the "nine one principle", namely “ one selection(publicity, examination, interview), one master, one training program, one daily report, one weekly report,  one weekly talk, one monthly report, one monthly talk and one rewards.

2. Training features:

Focus on both technical training and management training, supplemented with human care training

- Combined with working requirements

- Combined with management improvement

- Combined with employee development

- Combined with company goals

3. Training Items

1) Systematically entry training for multiple positions: new staff induction training, engineers and above-level staff induction training programs, department induction training.

2) Abundant vocational skills training for different professional groups: backup clerks training, technicians training, CNC technician training, the backup team leader training, team leader skills training, lean production training, excellent engineer training, engineer research and further study and so on.

3) Specialized training courses are designed for different management personnel: candidates training, annual training, internal lecturer training, junior & senior management training, etc.

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