Power Battery Cover Plate

With the rise of the new energy vehicle industry, the development and manufacturing technology of power batteries has become the core of the development of new energy vehicles. As the important part of power battery, the power battery top cover component has higher requirements for its air tightness, corrosion resistance and anti-explosion technology. Battery in the bad environment, internal chemical reaction releases a pressure , when the pressure increases to a specified value, the lid of the battery in the component explosion-proof blasting, prevent air pressure continues to increase, avoid violent explosion due to inflation. The sealing structure of the battery top cover for a long time in the electrolyte solution can ensure the battery is not leaking, and the technology of the leakproof liquid involves many subjects such as materials and forming theory.

Our company has set up a group of experienced technicians, specializing in the development of various types of power battery top cover structure. Precision stamping equipment and tooling manufacturing technology has provided the guarantee for production of battery lid, standardize the process of quality management system and mature production process laid the foundation for the lid of battery top cover plate production, to meet the customer demand at the same time, greatly enhance the competitiveness of the new energy vehicle industry.

Power battery cover plate

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