EWPT formerly known as Fu RuiKan Precision Co. was established on 17th July 2001, mainly focused on precision hardware tool production and sales.


Rebranded as Shenzhen Everwin Precision Technology Co.


In 2006, invest and set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Kunshan EWPT,with a total investment of 300 million RMB, 48,000㎡, and over 1200 employees.


Rebranded Shenzhen Everwin Precision Technology Co,. Ltd.


Everwin listed in A share stock market of growth enterprise market in Sep 2010, stock No.300115.


Set up a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong EWPT,Located at Songshan lake,Dongguan.With a total investment of 0.6 billion RMB, 78,000㎡, over 10000 employees.


Own 65% shares of Kunshan Just Connector Co. in 2012, and increase the shares to 77.75% in 2014. To provide effective influence in the Yangtze River region.


Fully invest Guangming die-casting factory in April 2013, And overall relocated to Dalang,Dongguan in July 2016.With a total employees of 200, mainly focuses on production and sales of die-casting parts.


Set up over sea offices to provide better service to worldwide customers.Like Everwin in USA, Everwin in Hongkong, Everwin in Korea during 2012-2013.


Wholly owned subsidiary Guangdong Tianji Industrial Intelligent System Co. ,which focus on industry 4.0,to provide technology support for EWPT's future industrial restructuring and long-term planning.


Become shareholder of Yique semi-conductor Co. Providing technology and experience support on national strategic development area on chips and industry 4.0.


Own 65% shares of Nsiway Co. Provide a strong foundation on design and development of integrated circuits, getting close to industry 4.0


Invest and set up subsidiary shared company Kunshan ThunderArtisan Co. Expansion R&D and sales capabilities of ewpt’s online bundle connector products and related automation equipment products.


Invest and set up subsidiary shared company Kunshan Huihe new enegy Co. Expansion of EWPT in new energy vehicle charging facilities and charging equipment, chargers, high voltage connectors and other components.


Invest and set up wholly owned subsidiary Qiyuan Intelligent Tech Co.,Ltd.Mainly to expand the company’s new energy, new materials and other products  R&D capabilities, to promote the company’s strategic transformation.


In August 2019, India Changying was established in the Greater Noida Science and Technology Park area, mainly to undertake overseas orders for international and domestic customers.